Sunday, 24 May 2009

£20 off Kurt Geiger shoes.. £10 Selfridges gift card... are you BONKERS?!

Kurt Geiger are offering a MASSIVE £20 off your first online order... until the end of June. That is SUCH a great deal for us shoe lovers out there, don't you think?! Their shoes are TOO hot! SELFRIDGES also have a wicked deal at the moment for American Express credit card holders - they're giving you a £10 SELFRIDGES gift card!

How to get the discounts? Simple! for the KG discount visit and sign up to the newsletter... as soon as you have filled it out, you will receive a discount code to use online until the end of June... Check the T's & C's, as discount not valid on already reduced items etc etc... but DEFINATELY an excuse for the super expensive KG's you have been saving for! Oh and if you're after more than 1 pair of shoes (they are all gorgeous after all lol!) then perhaps one could get their friends/family to sign up to receive another £20 off... just a suggestion! ;-)

What do you think about these babies? I am too loving them all!!!

To get the £10 SELFRIDGES gift card American Express Cashback credit card holders need to log onto their online account and navigate to the shopping offers. Click on the SELFRIDGES offer and print off the voucher. You need to spend £50 or more instore at SELFRIDGES before the end of May [BE QUICK THIS ONE ENDING THIS WEEK!]!then you can take your receipt(s) to the customer service desk and redeem at £10 gift card.. SWEET!!

Now, I'm in a dilemma as to what to put my £10 Selfridges voucher towards... how about these sexy CL's.. the gift card is valid for 2 years after all.. maybe by that time I'll be rich or I'll be able to justify spending so much money on a pair of shoes... hmm or maybe I'll just rob my cousin who's lucky enough to own a pair?????
Let me know about your purchases! Mets Thrifty x

Welcome to the Mets Thrifty BLOG launch!

SO we're in a recession and I for one REFUSE to be adversely affected! You too, right?! WELL today is the big launch of my blog and I am here to give you the top tips, tricks, discounts etc in order to continue living a good life! I'm forever sharing these thrifty tips with my friends so it's about time I shared them with the nation, we are all going through it after all!!

There's no need to scrimp tooooo much in a recession, you DO NOT need to stay indoors, give up the eating out and the entertainment altogether or not buy anything for the next year in order to continue living! Follow my blog and I'll show you exactly how to gain extra money (all legit!), how to stretch out your hard earned CA$H MON£Y, and how to continue purchasing the little luxuries that keep you happy in an affordable way!!

For now, I will welcome you to my blog... Make sure you follow me and check out my upcoming blogs for a wicked £10 Selfridges Gift Card & £20 off Kurt Geiger... these are definately NOT TO BE MISSED! Yes that is my way of enticing you to follow my blog, but hell it better work!
Mets Thrifty X

PS! I am not a money expert, legal advisor or something of the sort so all the info in my blogs is my own personal opinion. Therefore should any of you decide to sue me (??) or make me liable for any wrong-doings for whatever reason, that statement right there says you can't! Ha! You dig?!