Friday, 25 September 2009

FREE exhibition @ the Imperial War Museum, London - "The Children's War"

For those looking for FREE entertainment, this is a great day out for families and those who enjoy learning about history. "The Children's War" is a FREE exhibition being held at the Imperial War Museum, London based on the Second World War through the eyes of the children of Britain.

"Visitors can find out more about evacuation, the threat of gas attacks, air raid precautions, rationing, school and work, pastimes and entertainment, VE Day celebrations. As well as being able to go inside an Anderson shelter, visitors can walk through a recreation of a wartime house and view sections of a 'prefab' home. Inter-actors and those who lived through the war as children will make regular appearances to bring the exhibition to life. "

Great weekend entertainment, with educational benefits too - can't get better than that! The event is on until 2010 so this would be a good half-term treat!

Learn more about the exhibition on it's website:

Enjoy! Mets Thrifty X

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