Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Return from Oz...

G'day bloggers & bloggettes!

You would have noticed that my last post was back in FEBRUARY! Why I hear you ask?? Because I was lucky enough to be given the last-minute opportunity of a lifetime to be sent to fabulous Sydney, Australia for work!! What was initially a 2 week business trip turned into 4 a week trip and finally ended after a VERY LONG 6 weeks!!! Definately a lucky Sheila :-) It wasn't all surfers, kolas & kangaroos, I was up to my eyeballs in work and really couldn't commit to my blog.. I apologise big time.

BUT i'm back on UK soil now and I will really try to get myself up to speed with what's really good for my recessionistas & let you all know ASAP!! I for one am flat out broke from that trip due to my excessive spending on clothes & shoes - slap on the hand for me but there were too many things that i couldn't resist... I ended up buying another suitcase... ooops!  My broke-assness will be giving me more motivation to find some recession busting activities & past-times in this glorious sunny weather!

In the meantime enjoy some of my fab Oz pics... these are the typical touristy pics of the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Koala & Kangaroo & Bondi Beach but trust me I did so much more! & I might blog on that randomly as I go through my hundreds of pics!

x x Mets Thrifty x x x

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