Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Free Theatre Tickets!

Times are hard and I have been looking for ways to really enjoy myself lately... but without spending too much paper and doing "different" things, or getting more involved with culture and the arts! I was looking at theatre prices to take my good friend for her birthday but the best seats are alway soooo expensive! [but in this case, I will have to pay up, it's only once a year!!]

Anyway I stumbled across the "A Night Less Ordinary" scheme - I had heard about this before but never really had the time to look into it... why I don't know because it is just fantizzle. Yes I did just make that word up. Sponsored by the Arts Council England and The Metro, the scheme offers under 26's FREE tickets to a variety of theatres and shows... Visit the scheme website at http://www.anightlessordinary.org.uk/ and just type in your postcode to find the nearest Theatres/shows and book yourself in NOW!!!! Some theatres require you to fill out forms etc, but some just ask you to call up and book.

I'm totally loving and hi-fiving this scheme. The first play that I'm going to see is "Been so Long" at the Young Vic. It stars the singer, musician and songwriter OMAR..

"Big & bold, smart & sassy... Che Walker and Arthur Darvill's neon-soaked, soul-fuelled new musical arrives to smarten up London. Cast includes singing sensation Omar, Cat Simmons and Arinze Kene."

Yvonne and Simone are cruising for action. Raymond stole Gil’s girl and now Gil wants to slice him up. Barney is just after a quiet life. When all five collide in a seedy London bar, their desires ignite in a guttural blast of cusses, laughs and unexpected romance.Love looks set to finally conquer the two people who swore they could live without it. But how will they know it’s for real?Pick yourself up, brush yourself down and experience the soul/funk powerhouse of Been So Long."

Let me know what plays you manage to goto. I'm booking up my theatre visits pronto! Caio for now! MT x

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