Sunday, 7 June 2009

Wireless Festival 2009 discounted tickets! *Super Bargain!*

So I'm breaking my festival virginity this year and hitting the Wireless Festival 2008 this year to see Mr Kayne West and co on the Sunday.. I can't wait, I didn't it to his Glow in the Dark tour but I'm looking forward to this, oh and seeing the Noisettes, they are great! [full line up available here]

But what about you? Contemplating going but don't have the funds? ... Here's a solution! 2-for-1 tickets!!! YES these tickets are not eBay / buy and trade babies, these are 100% legit, offered by Barclaycard, this year's sponsors... they have a limited number of tickets available and they have now taken the link off their website but, just for you thrifty people, here's the link I managed to scoop 2 tickets for me and the hubby at a super cheap £57.... WOW! I'm laughing all the way to the festival in my Wayferer's, what about you?!

Too bad if you bought your tickets already... should've waited for the my thrifty post hey! Don't forget to follow me, I know you people are reading but you're gonna keep missing out on the last minute discounts if you don't!

Hmmmm now I need to plan my festival outfit.. what to wear?!

Caio for now! Mets Thrifty x x x

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