Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Ding Dong the AVON Lady

I've never been a fan of AVON, the brand has never appealed to me, I've never really used their products before and I have never understood the premium prices on [some of] their products... that is, until now!

The hubby & I went to Egypt in early December and he brought along AVON's Skin so Soft Original Dry Oil Spray. Now before you judge (lol) this was his aunt's and she had told him that this repelled mosquitos (no, I wasn't convinced either but I actually only got bit once.. coincidence?!)Anyway I used this product and OH MY GOSH, it gave me the smoothest legs EVER! I'm a Palmer's Cocoa Butter kinda gal and thought THAT made my legs soft, boy was I wrong! AVON's Skin so Soft Original Dry Oil Spray transformed my legs into two luscious limbs, I was truly amazed! My entire body was so supple but really my legs, they were in another world of their own! I said goodbye to the (ever so slight LOL) scaliness of em, slight roughness to the touch and I welcomed with open arms my new babysoft pins! The oil is seriously lightweight, non-greasy and quickly penetrates my skin. It also has a very light, easy-on-the nose fragrance :-)

I ended up rinsing off the hubby's spray and as soon as I was back in the UK, I visited AVON's website to get hold of some of that sh*t! I had a good nosey around and ended up buying a loads of stuff (ooops) all priced around £1 (I KNOW!!) Here's what I picked up:

1. Avon Senses Winter Warmth Shower Gel - 250ml - 99p (now back up to £2 or "Buy 1 choose 1 for 50p across selected bath & body"). I'm loving this shower gel, it makes me smell like my Hot Apple Pie Yankee Candle :-). It's perfectly foamy with a lovely warm and Christmassy aroma and makes my hot showers that much more relaxing -think the lavender effect but obv not lavender LOL! Not particularly extra moisturing but left my skin feeling balanced nonetheless. LOVE!

2. Skin So Soft & Sensual Replenishing Body Lotion - 250ml - 89p (part of "5 Skin So Soft & Sensual products for £5", normal price £3.25 - currently reduced to £1.60) A light textured body lotion which IS replenishing but it doesn't win over Palmer's Cocoa Butter or the dry oil spray and unfortunately lets me down due to the strong fragrance, it's a bit too overwhelming for my sensitive nose - I won't be buying this again. HATE!

3. Skin So Soft & Sensual Dry Oil Body Spray - £150ml - £1.08 (part of "5 Skin So Soft & Sensual products for £5", normal price £5 - currently reduced to £2.50) No need to bang on about this one as it's pretty much the same as the original spray above - although part of the "& Sensual" line it didn't differ from the original dry oil spray. I'm not complaining though, definately purchase again for reasons above. LOVE :-) :-)

4. Skin So Soft & Sensual Creamy Body Wash - 250ml - 98p (part of "5 Skin So Soft & Sensual products for £5". Normal price £3 - currently reduced to £1.50). An extremely moisturising and creamy body wash indeed! Smell? Pretty much like the other Skin So Soft & Sensual products but not as overwhelming as the body lotion - thankfully! LIKE

5. Colourtrend Mini Mobile Lip Gloss (Crimson) - £1 (reduced from £3, can't find it on the website now though...boo!). Now when I opened my big AVON box to find this lipgloss, I was disappointed at how small it was!!! But that was stupid of me, being a MINI MOBILE lipgloss, what did I expect? Anyway I bought loads of these for my lil cousins as extra Xmas gifts and they went down an absolute treat! Result! The colour is subtle but provides a lovely sheer crimson gloss, so it's actually a bit of a thumbs up - it's an emergency lipgloss - I'll never be left with naked lips again woop (well until it runs out which I'm guessing will be sometime soon as it's so teeny!) Would I buy it again though? Probably not.... LIKE but not THAT much.

6. AVON Car Intense Protection Hand Cream - 75ml - 99p (reduced from £3.50, now back up to normal price.. blah!). This is definately up there in the good hand cream stakes in terms of moisturising abilities, with its mix of silicone and beeswax and it easily diminished the dryness between my fingers (blush). On first use it had an overpowering smell but I've got used to it now and it's a handbag essential to protect my hands from getting chapped in this cold weather.

So ultimately, as a recessionista, have I done myself justice? Considering the savings I have made on the normal price, this was a recessionista bargain! This lot alone without any reductions would have set me back £14.75 but with the reductions, cost me a mere £5.93!! Being the absolute hoarder/discount wh*re that I am, I had to purchase multiple of the above (don't worry not all for me!) so I won't need to buy any of the above essentials for a while! With my actual total just going over £20, I benefited from free delivery too - usually £3.50 (for standard 5 working day delivery).

I think I did well...but what do YOU think? But don't hate because the prices have gone up! LOL ;-) I'll be quicker in telling you next time so we can all snap up these basement bargains... promise!

x MT x

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