Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Smashbox comes to the High Street

FINALLY the day has come where American make-up brand Smashbox is now available to purchase on the UK highstreet. I am ECSTATIC! Walking through Debenhams to do some last-min Xmas shopping, a SMASHBOX COUNTER caught my eye!!!! I was so excited I actually ran up to the stand (SADDO!) luckily nobody was around to see this lame act (or maybe they were, who knows?? lol). I was jumping for joy to find Smashbox Anti-Shine - my lifesaver - at the counter!

For those unfamiliar, Smashbox Anti-Shine is a gel to powder formula that swallows up any grease/oil or any type of shine off ya face in like a second! Applied sparingly, it keeps your face looking matte for hours. It's available in neutral or light (my preference is for the neutral solution) and will last you months on end. In my experience (which trust me, for someone with a frying pan for my face is a LOT) this is by far the best anti-shine product on the market. There was no price tag, no consultant AND the anti-shine is not available on Debenhams.com (slight fail there Debs!) so selling price is TBC.
Previously only available from QVC, JustBeautyDirect, eBay and other online sites [yup even their own Smashbox website don't dispatch to the UK - I've begged them already though!], the availability of Smashbox on our high street this makes life so much easier - no more extortionate prices (I'm guessing from the selling price of the Primers etc!) and no more waiting around for delivery. Furthermore, QVC even stopped stocking the Anti-Shine (WTF!!!!!) The cost of Smashbox beauty has just been reduced and its convenience levels have just increased 2-fold!

This is a great day for Smashbox loving recessionistas!! If you don't know much about Smashbox, get to know HERE . I really urge you to visit the new counters @ Debenhams and try out their products - it may not be everyone's cup of tea but at least now you can have a play before buying. Smashbox is renowned for its infamous Primers so check them out! Kudos to Debenhams & extra kudos to Smashbox for upping their game & keeping me shine free for less LMAO! No more having to wait until a trip to foreign lands to visit Sephora for my top up or grudginly purchasing online. :-)
XoXo MT XoXo

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