Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Hey lovelies!

Just want to wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR as I'm off to the "English Hamptons" (as my friend put it LOL) with the hubby for a quiet New Year's retreat. Here are my top 3 recession-busting NYE events for you all (sorry if this is rushed but I'm late!!!):

1. Fireworks in London ( - of course, it's 100% free and can be enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike. Just remember to wrap up, don't get drunk and rowdy in the crowds, and have patience - there's always thousands of people who turn up and you will get pushed and shoved a little - 2 years ago I was shouting at everyone to "STOP F**KING PUSHING" and nearly got into a fight with a 14year old girl!!! LMAO wtf I wasn't even drunk! But seriously take it easy down there, if meeting friends, meet up early in an uncrowded area and plan your journey. The official London website will help you plan your trouble-free and pleasant NYE! Don't forget that travel is FREE from 23:45 on NYE until 0430 on New Year's Day (yipeeee!)

2. NYE Dinner & Cocktail Party - for those who can't be bothered to brave the coldness outside (i.e. me!!) how about you get your loved ones together for a NYE dinner party. Think suits and dresses, cocktails galore, as much chocolate and dessert you want, fun and frolics, The Graham Norton Show with the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker and watching the countdown and fireworks from your living room - OR even better, purchasing your own fireworks and setting them off in your garden (caution plz, no drunkards near the fireworks!). To help you on your way, Marks & Spencer's"Party in for £10" offer keeps the cost of your party recession-proof - pick up 3 packs of party food, a bottle of Cava or wine for the recession busting £10!!! So much cheaper and nicer than extortionate London restaurant prices on NYE and MUCH more fun! You know M&S food tastes scrumptious too, YUM! Don't forget to pick up some Champagne at uber-cheap prices (but not cheap on taste) check the MoneySavingExpert.Com dedicated post HERE

3. Dinner at Guanabana Restaurant ( - for those who want to actually want to go out and celebrate NYE, my choice is my fave Brazilian/Caribbean restaurant EVER! Situated in Camden, food at Guanabana is absolutely delicious and they do NOT scrimp on their portions either. Check out the NYE 3 course menu HERE - I advise the Grilled Snapper or Jerk Chicken for your mains - both DIVINE! Even better, they operate a "Bring Your Own" policy as they don't sell alcoholic beverages - so, bring along your own sprits, champs, wines, beers etc (saving you a TON as they're not charging for this on NYE) and get Guanabana to mix them in with their very own mocktails. YUMMY! The atmosphere is homely yet trendy with its mis-matching furniture which has been collected and donated over the years from random places and its Sisha Bar. You will NOT be disappointed but be quick for reservations! Ok this is secretly my TOP NYE EVENT!!!! This should be number 1 but because it'll set you back a little bit of money, I've had to shove it down... boo! Well worth the £30 set menu AND partying until 3am in the morning - you won't find anything as tasty at this price -we're not talking mumbo jumbo nouvelle cusine we're talking real SOUL FOOD BABY!! LOVE IT! If I was in London this is what I'd be hitting!

Runner up - Mango Lounge, Earl's Court (
If you feel to go out and boogie for the NY, head to popular Mango Lounge. For only £20 you get a champagne cocktail on arrival (worth approx £8) and a countdown shot (approx £4) which already evens out the cost of the ticket. It's quite a small bar with the dancefloor in the basement and the infamous cocktail bar upstairs. Each cocktail is mixed with pure love and affection and with drinks reasonably priced you will be sure to tantalise your tastebuds! Drawing in a mixed crowd, you are guaranteed to have a fab trouble-free night, dancing away to a great mix of music. Manager Oli will ensure everyone has a great NYE. Cop your tickets HERE. Join the FB page HERE to learn more about Mango Lounge.

Take your pick lovelies!!! It's a very small top list but I'm happy these picks will fulfil your recessionista budgets! I'll be back on the 2nd January so from then on, the blog will be updated on a regular (pinky promise). Once again wishing you all a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2010 is the year of opportunity, all things great and the year of success and achievement for all! Say goodbye to any negativity and leave that all behind. Stay safe, don't drink & drink and see you on the other side.

Love your No.1 Recessionista, Mets Thrifty xoxo

PS thanks so much for all your support this year, 2010 is going to be even BIGGER

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