Thursday, 7 January 2010

40% off at Yo Sushi! - WOOP!

As promised, I said I'd let you know when Yo Sushi! release their 40% off voucher.  Well today they did!  Since visiting Japan last year, I have become even more obsessed with sushi & sashimi (I even got brave and tasted fish roe - actually nice - and sea urchins - ewww disgusting!!) but after paying £1 a plate at a typical sushi bar in Tokyo (conveyor belt as standard), coming back to England has made me so reluctant to visit Yo Sushi! as the comparison in price is pretty astounding.  And as someone that could eat the fattest person in the world under the table, this means a very pricey bill (not a recessionista's dream).  HOWEVER, I am a Yo! Lover through and through and even though times are hard, my Yo Sushi! 40% off voucher will make my recessionista day by meeting up with my fellow Yo! Lover. The 40% off really does make a big difference.  We're like 2 fat kids in a sweet shop, sitting there, oggling at the dishes on the belt, waiting for our crunchy prawn sushi, crispy salmon skin, spicy tuna, california roll and of course non-sushi prawn katsu, tempura prawn, prawn yakisoba dishes (basically anything PRAWN, we are prawn fiends) to come around. I LOVE IT!

Really and truly, Yo Sushi! need to give me some sort of loyalty card for every plate I eat when I visit, because I literally eat out the entire conveyor belt!!!  Anyway enough about me and all this talk about sushi, I'm making myself dribble!!! Click HERE for your fabulous 40% off voucher!  Thanks Yo Sushi! I love ya!!

Validity: Sunday -Thursday, starts Sunday 10th January (don't embarrass yourself), not valid in Sedley Place, Selfridges London, Heathrow T3, Selfridges Trafford Centre, Selfridges Birmingham, Westfield White City or Union Square Aberdeen branches. One voucher per person, unlimited uses on voucher during promotional period.  Valid on plates off the conveyor only. 1 voucher per person, unlimited use during promotion.  Ends: Thursday 28th January

ENJOY! Mets Thrifty - 2010 and still your No.1 Recessionista! xXx

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