Thursday, 21 January 2010

Wahanda Mobdeals - be quick!

Photos: Wahanda

On Monday, health*beauty*happiness website Wahanda launched its ingenious Mobdeals. These are one day only special deals which offer significant savings on the normal price which is fantastic news for us recessionistas! Mobdeal prices are exclusive to Wahanda and in order to take advantage of these deals, there is a minimum threshold of the number of deals that Wahanda must sell (varies per deal). If the deal doesn't pass the threshold, no-one will take advantage BUT the number is so relatively low that the Mobdeal always 'tips' and you can monitor the number of deals sold as it's clearly displayed on the website! Basically, it's all about telling your friends, family, blog & Twitter followers and spreading the word so everyone can take advantage. Deals are only available for 24 hours and they are well and truly gone after this time frame (trust me, I found out the hard way).  You will receive a voucher valid for 6 months from the date of purchase to redeem at your leisure making these perfect presents too!

Mobdeals will range from massages, facials, spa days, haircuts, manicures, yoga, Pilates classes and MORE! Here are some of the fabulous deals that have been and gone:
Monday - £15 haircut from Fordham Soho (normal price £47)
Tuesday - 1 hour massage or facial for £20 (normal price... £70) <-- my fave to date!!
Wednesday - £10 for 2 Powerplate sessions (normal price £40)

Yeh I know I have fallen by the wayside again! I got a press release through on Monday but my day-job has left me with no time on my hands to blog earlier.. don't hate me too much though for missing on these because I am Tweeting deals & updating on Twitter on a daily basis (follow me HERE). And if it makes you feel any better, I majorly missed out on Tuesday's massage deal which is a FAIL on my part - should've booked whilst at work because I forgot when I got home... grrr :-(

If these recessionista savvy deals were not enough to tempt you (which they should be!), Wahanda will be donating £1 from each Mobdeal sale to charity:water which provides clean and safe water to communities that need it!! Even more incentive to purchase!

How many more excuses do you need?? Visit the Wahanda Mobdeal website HERE and purchase your money saving spa/beauty/health deal NOW!!!!! It's a new year but with just over half way through the month, I am already in desperate need of a spa retreat or massage!

Today's Mobdeal: Treat yourself to a luxurious spa day at the CityPoint Club London which includes a welcome drink, 30 minute massage and full use of spa and health facilities (30 metre pool, plunge whirpool, sauna, steamroom & fitness facilities). Sounds lush, I've got to buy this one to make up for Tuesday's loss!
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