Friday, 15 January 2010

A Tasty January at Brixton Village - Sat 15 Jan

Photo: Cornercopia at Brixton Village, Spacemakers UK

Date: Saturday 15th January
Time: 11am- 5pm
Venue: Brixton Village, Atlantic Road, Brixton

For a while now I have been meaning to head down to Bixton Village but the snow has kept me hibernating indoors... that is, until now! I'll be flying the flag for South London this Saturday (tomorrow!) at Brixton Village for it's A Tasty January event.  With food tastings, pop-up one day restaurants,  restaurant openings, pop-up theatre festival and children's cooking competitions this will be lovely day out for the whole family with a fantastic community feel. I can't wait to get my food/drink and cake on! And if it snows I'm still gonna make it, nothing will keep me away this time (duh food is involved! that's the monster inside of me)

My top 3 highlights that I'm uber-excited about:

- Brixton Cornercopia: FREE foodie and drinks tasting galore (you know that this will be my station lol) including 'hot cider punch, spicy harria soup, a slab of Ian's grandiose apple pork pie and some spanakopita'. I'm interested in tasting Cornercopia's infamous plantain chutnye. I LOVE fried plantain but will this chutney be as nice?? Hmmm... Recipe-sharing will be rife so there is no reason not to practice your cooking when you get home... I need to up my game in the domestic goddess stakes!
- Etta's Seafood Restaurant: New seafood restaurant opening. You know I'm a prawn fiend and I love fish, so much healthier for you! I'm up for some prawns and snapper with fiery Carribean twist!!
- Olive Tree: Morrocan and Mediterranean restaurant opening.  I love tagine lamb - clearly one of the most tastiest and succulent ways to eat lamb! And cous cous when cooked perfect is so wholesome. Olive Tree has got strong morals and ethics behind it and was set up by to create a ommunity space and offer young people an alternative to extremism - LOVE IT!

This is no way a comprehensive list of what will be happening on the day, there's just too much good stuff for me to put into my tiny blog! There are also non-food events going on at Brixton Village including exhibitions and the opportunity to star in your very own remake of an 80's movie!! For full details of the event and how to get there visit the Facebook event page HERE

What is Brixton Village all about? SpaceMakers has basically transformed the abandoned and derelict Granville arcade into a buzzing indoor market with vintage stores, old fashioned sweet stores, pop-up textile stores, galleries, art/exhibition spaces,Okido Doodle Shop and not to mention stalls of excellent quality local produce. Learn more about the project HERE and follow Spacemakers on Twitter to stay up to date!

Photo: Granville Arcade. Spacemakers, UK.

Look forward to bumping into you all! X Mets Thrifty X

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