Thursday, 14 January 2010

Please Help Haiti

I've not blogged in a few days - been unber-busy with work grrr... but this is something that is really touching my heart like crazy. The devastation the earthquake in Haiti has caused is just astounding and watching the news I can't believe the country has no doctors, police, ambulances and support of any kind.  I await in anticipation for all of the aid workers to fly over and help the Haitian people.

What really stands out however is that despite the destruction and devastation, the Haitians live in hope; they are not angry people, they are not even devastated, they are not shouting or screaming and moaning... they are grateful and appreciative of their lives - despite losing their houses and having injuries, not everyone made it and they are fully aware of this.

I think that's something that everyone needs to take away with them.  Whenever we feel that our lives are really bad and we can't afford that little luxury or it's snowing and we're p*ssed off because it's disrupting our social lives and our work or anything of that kind, we all need to wake up and be aware that there is ALWAYS, without fail, someone is worse off than we are.

Please donate if you are able via the following charitable organisations:

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